Neo Fight: for bereaved parents
by Katie D. Smith, Neo Fight Director of Fundraising

But where is the place for parents facing extraordinary situations?

Dear Kota Press Family and Friends,

Kids! How we love them! For many of us, it is impossible to think of life without children. Most new parents typically share with each other the pleasures and difficulties of raising children. But where is the place for parents facing extraordinary situations? These parents have a place with Neo Fight, which for 25 years has been a vital network for parents experiencing a perinatal crisis: a difficult pregnancy, premature birth, raising a child with special medical needs or sometimes facing the death of their precious baby.

Parents in the Neo Fight network know challenges, perhaps more than their share. Their experiences go beyond the typical parenting situations. For some, the challenges begin with pregnancy complications or concerns about a developing child. For others, a baby arrives prematurely or with special needs. Developmental delays or ongoing medical conditions may test other children and their parents. And for a few, there is the unfathomable sadness of a child’s death.

Neo Fight offers emotional support to parents experiencing a perinatal crisis. Through its telephone Listener Program, Neo Fight matches callers through our Listening Line with trained Parent Listeners who have had a similar experience. Our Parent Listeners have faced some of the most difficult situations possible in their pregnancies, yet they share a positive outlook and a desire to help others. Listeners volunteer their time to reach out to parents by listening to and sharing hopes and fears, ups and downs, joys and sadness -- just as parents should.

Neo Fight has helped thousands of parents in our 25-year existence, and our services have always been free. However, while money can’t buy Neo Fight’s services, our Listener Program does have costs. You can participate in Neo Fight’s work by contributing financially to Neo Fight. Please give generously by returning the enclosed fundraising card. Just as our volunteers reach out every day to make the life of a parent facing exceptional circumstances a bit easier, your tax-deductible donation will work to make the continued success of Neo Fight a bit easier in the coming years.

For more information about Neo Fight, please visit us on the web at

Author Biography
Katie is Charles' mommy, a children's book writer, and an active Neo Fight member.

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