Tiny Flicker

by Christine Grothe

A tiny little flicker
On a black and white screen
A moment filled with
Happiness, hopes and dreams

For in that tiny flicker
There is a little person
A tiny baby whose little life
Would change a family

In the next nine months
That tiny flicker grows
Into a chubby baby
With little hands and little toes

As the birth draws near
Anticipation grows
Until that fateful day
When the tiny flicker disappears

As the flicker goes away
So do the familys dreams
Life changes in just one instant
of the tiny flicker of her heart

And as the family hold their baby
and say their last goodbye
They remember the tiny flicker
And the last nine months of joy.

This little baby with her little heart
Will never be forgotten
For that tiny flicker
Now lives in each of their hearts.

For Nora Elizabeth

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