The Other Side

by Frank Anthony

On the other side of the river is the Promised Land, when you put the key in the lock,
the door will open; you can walk inside this church.

In darkness there is no fear, with me there, I am with you, there is only to trust,
to put out your hand, turn a corner into a ribbon of light.

Where is the enemy, for, where you thought they stood, the many, there is nothing,
no one at all, only silence that is sealed with no stone.

In the church of my covenant, are the voices of those who came before me, who stayed in their faith, who wait, knowing there will be a returning.

In the dream, all these things, I promise, will be here for you. For those of you who thirst, I am water; who hunger, I am bread; who wait, the way:

In this end, all that has been is forgiven, as the new life waits; do not fear for tomorrow is a different dream, the past was never there before.

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