Letter from the Editor, April 2002
By Kara L.C. Jones

So we moved to a new property on the island and were told there would be no service interruption. Ah-huh, sure. We had 24 days of service interruption and were not able to update the KotaPress site with an April issue till now. Very sorry.

But even with the delay, we have a powerful issue. Since the pieces here will only have a short time online for April, I may just add to and rearrange to make an expanded issue for May. More on that in about a week.

For now, we bring you good news from Richard at the National Stillbirth Society about how they have made changes and updates with the March of Dimes website! Awesome, grassroots, fueled-by-bereaved-parents work happening there! There's information from Donnali at TwoTimes about her bereavement works, updates about NASA's work on fetal heart monitors, and more.

We are very sad to say that Karen Taber, an author we published last Fall, has passed away. This world suffers a great loss without Karen in this world to write and be. We are republishing"Max & Me" as a tribute this issue. Hope you'll join us in sending supportive thoughts and prayers to Karen's loved ones as they make their way in this world after her death. We know all too well that it is so difficult to be whole when you are walking around with a big hole in your life.

Miracles to you...see you in May!

This page is dedicated to Dakota
Born and died March 11, 1999


Author Biography
Kara lives on Vashon Island which is a much more awesome place than she ever imagined it would be. She is a poet, bookmaker, wife, teacher, mother to a stillborn son, facilitator, receptionist, founder, struggling p.t.barnum, turtle faithful, editor, artist, and a million other things that will prevent you from putting her in any one particular label box! Kara teaches through local art centers, artists in the schools programs, KotaPress and independently. To find out more about her, see:


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