December Candle Lighting
from Nancy Grayson, complied by Kara Jones

We got a note from Nancy Grayson from MISS Idaho sharing news about the December Candle Lighting events that Compassionate Friends will be organizing around the world for Children's Memorial Day this year.

For the MISS Idaho group, this event will be an alliance with TCF and Nancy wanted to let us know:

"We (MISS Idaho) hope for 150 - 200 and have put lots of hours into coordinating this, with good results so far. If you go to the Compassionate Friends link, then hit ID for Idaho it will give you the scoop."

Here at KotaPress and MISS WA, I was very excited to see that the TCF link has listings for Children's Memorial candle lightings that are happening internationally. This is a great place to find out what TCF is offering in your area. Also, if you don't see TCF organizations listed with events where you live, use this information to contact them and help organize something. This could become a really amazing and comprehensive calendar showing how bereavement groups around the world coordinate to offer support. Check it out!!

MISS Idaho contact info:
If you want more information about MISS Idaho meetings and/or the support alliance they are making in their area, please contact Nancy Grayson (Joel's Mommy) at

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