Pregnancy & Infant Loss Conferences
from Martha Weiss

Just want to share a bit about some Pregnancy and Loss Awareness Conferences I've been to this month. If any are available to any of you wherever you reside, I suggest that you seek them out!

These were held at two major hospitals on Long Island. They were warm and meaningful days. They began with keynote speakers who were bereaved parents and authors: Perry Lynn Moffit (Silent
Sorrow) and Rabbi Yamin Levy (Pregnancy Loss from a Personal and Jewish Perspective)...both amazing and inspiring people. That was followed by a medical panel with a question and answer period which was helpful to many parents.

One conference was more high-tech than the other...and the "warm and cozy one" was my favorite. They both had parents' sharing panels who gave much hope to the newly bereaved families in the audience. And they concluded with memorial and remembrance services that included a recitation of names and candle lighting. Many tears and tissues later, we all went home with warm hearts full of remembering.

I'm fortunate to live in this area where Pregnancy & Infant Loss is becoming more recognized by the
medical communities, but for all who have little support, I encourage you to address the issue with your caregivers, physicians, mid-wives, hospitals, nurses, social workers, etc. Tell them what you need and desire...and follow your hearts.

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And here are a few other sources for more ideas and support the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness movement:



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Martha Weiss is part of SHARE Guardian Angel Perinatal Support (GAPS). If you wish to contact Martha, send us a note and we'll pass it along.

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