Never Forget
By Christine Grothe

Death came quietly
during the night
The baby who moved so fervently
now lies still within
Heartache takes the place of joy
Tears replace laughter
The crib will go empty
The layette unused
Death stole our dreams
Death stole our future
But the memory of this child
Death can never touch.
For we hold this memory deep
within our hearts.
Our love keeps the memory alive,
Let us always remember
And never forget.


Editor's Note
This poem was written and is being published here in memory of a dearly loved child named Nora Elizabeth who sadly died on June 3, 2001. Christine Grothe, Nora's mommy, has a beautiful website dedicated to remembering Nora's life and death where you can find photos, journal writings, and more poetry. My heart goes out to Christine and to all the other bereaved parents around the world who are trying to find ways to live after the death of a child. Please take moment to learn more about Nora Elizabeth at:

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