Letter from the Editor, December 2001
By Kara L.C. Jones

It's 4:35 p.m., it's dark outside already, it's pouring down buckets of rain with a cold wind coming off the bay. I'm rushing to get to the post before 5 p.m. and finally get to the swinging door of our little mail station-- and the gate is closed, steel sheet pulled down in place of the normally friendly service window. I'm drenched with packages tucked under my soaked coat, it's dark, I'm cold, my shoes and socks are soaking wet. And the post closed at 4:30-- not 5-- 4:30.

I really don't like winter. The holidaze don't make me cheery. There is no such thing as Christmas vacation once you finish college. And when you live in a place with a leaky roof, well, holidaze just do nothing but suck. And I miss my son who died three holidaze ago, and plain old ugh.

So how do we find a way to survive all this, bereaved and all? Grumpy, wet, cold, dark at 4:30 in the afternoon and all? There is no definite answer that works for everyone all the time. But we can offer ideas, resources, some informative articles in our little Loss Journal here at KotaPress. Make yourself a cup of tea, pull a blanket around you, light some candles, and surf on through-- maybe you'll find something here to help.

These articles for this December 2001 issue are not all glowing and "help you get over it" ideas-- several of them are very frank looks at the reality of living with loss. Some of them are ideas for doing things in memory of the deceased in order to layer holiday times with something constructive, some good works that are done in the name of the loved ones you've lost. Plus an interesting look at the official diagnosis for cord accident stillbirths and some links to radio shows available throughout the holidaze thru on-demand listening.

Check it out...try to stay warm and dry. If you have a science center near you with one of those tropical butterfly rooms in it (and you can afford the entry fee)-- go there and take in the tropical light and heat! Feel free to drop me a note just to grumble-- maybe we'll post a "grumble column in our January 2002 issue :)

Miracles to you!

This page is dedicated to Dakota
Born and died March 11, 1999


Author Biography
Kara's son Dakota was born still March 11, 1999 at 4:47pm. Since that day when her heart shattered into a million pieces, she has done hard work to create a legacy for her son. She and her husband founded KotaPress. She has written and published several grief and healing books such as "Flash Of Life," "Mrs. Duck and The Woman," and "Father Son Holy Ghost." She now most enjoys facilitating writing workshops where healing and process are top of mind and heart. If you wish to contact her, please send email to editor@kotapress.com

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