Operation Angel Cookbook
By Jo Ann Taylor

To you who've lost a precious baby:

I couldn't sleep last night so I was up writing some ideas down. You know how recipes get handed down from one generation to the next - like Grandma's apple pie or Aunt Sally's ambrosia salad - well I got to thinking how neat it would be and a wonderful way to keep our babies memories alive, if we named recipes after them or even created a special recipe and named it for them. I've already come up with two recipes for Darrell and Melody. One is "Darrell's Daredevil Chili" and "Melody's Melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Chip Pizza." (Recipe at bottom of email) It would also be a great idea to name recipes after your living children. I have a cake recipe that I'm going to name "Anna's Angel Cake", "Bradley's Brawny Brownies," "Mallorie's Marvelous Muffins" and "Lindsey's Luscious Lasagna."

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some things I thought of: for Maggie - "Lilli's Lemon Drop Cookies", Rosie - "Thomas' Terrific Tacos," Glena, Caitlyn's Colossal Cocoa". And who knows, some of you may come up with a prize winning recipe! Wouldn't that be something and you could use the prize money to do something in memory of your babies. For those of you who have other children, let them help you create recipes.

I also thought how neat it would be if one night a month, we designate as "Family Favorites Night" and make every family member's favorite food and let that be the meal! You may end up with all desserts or vegetables, etc. but it's only for one night a month!

I can't wait to see what some of you are going to create with all the talent we have in our groups! And of course, I'm going to want a copy of everyone's recipe for my "OPERATION ANGEL MEMORIAL COOK BOOK!"

I love doing new things with recipes. I'm going to try some "Surprise Muffins" where I fill the muffin tins partially, then add in some M&M's or a Hershey's Kiss and then finish filling the tin. Try making pancake faces by using raisins for eyes, a round banana slice for a nose and an apple slice with the peeling still on for the mouth. My granddaughter Mallorie loves to have her hotdog wrapped in a flour tortilla instead of on a hot dog bun. Or try spreading peanut butter on a tortilla, cut a banana in half lengthwise and wrap in the tortilla for a healthy snack or sandwich. I mixed my four favorite flavors one night and made an absolutely delicious pie. I took a package of chocolate and a package of butterscotch pudding mix that had to be cooked, then just as it was thickening, I added two tablespoons of peanut butter. I poured into a cooked pie shell and added banana slices around the edge.

With Christmas coming up, you could make pretty recipe cards with your computer, and put your recipe on them, then give them to family and friends (if money is available - include the ingredients in a basket) and have on the recipe cards, "This recipe is given to you on behalf of Darrell Taylor, who left this world on June 15, 1962 but will always be in our hearts." (Of course you'd put your babies name and date of loss)

I've been thinking of special recipes in memory of the World Trade Center, and the other places that were hit. I've come up with names, but haven't actually worked on the recipes yet. I'd like to create a special "NYPD BLUEberry muffin," a "Firefighter Frankfurter" dish and possibly "Pentagon Pancakes." I also want to include the plane that went down in New Jersey but haven't thought of a name yet. It's amazing how many things we can do in memory of loved ones when we just think "outside the box."

Get your creative hats on and let's see what we can come up with to remember our babies and honor our living children. You might want to have your own recipe book and get recipes from family members - moms, dads, grandmothers, aunts, etc. I love you all and wish I could personally give each of you a big hug. When you send a recipe, please give your babies full name, date of loss and parent's names. When the recipe book is completed, we will let you know so that you can purchase one.

Here's the recipe I created for Melody:

Melody's Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chocolate Chip Pizza

Prepare coffee cake recipe from package of Bisquick. Divide equally and spread on two pizza pans. Alternate sprinkling chocolate chips and butterscotch over cake dough. Put in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. Cover with miniature marshmallows and ground nuts, put under broiler just until marshmallows turn brown. Remove, slice and serve immediately.

I came up with this on one of those nights when my boys wanted a dessert and my cabinets were empty except for the above ingredients. I suppose you could use a pizza crust, but what I like about the cake dough is that it rises around the chips and makes them so luscious! Enjoy!

Because of our precious babies,

Jo Ann,

In loving memory of Darrell, miscarried at 16 weeks on June 15, 1962 - due November 10th and Melody, miscarried at 16 weeks on June 23, 1963 - due November 15th.
"Mommy will hold you in her heart till I can hold you in my arms."


Author Biography
Jo Ann is the proud mother of two heavenly angels, Darrell & Melody, mother to two earthy angels, Stewart who is 37 and Phillip who is 28; grandmother to three of the most beautiful little granddaughters in the whole world and one handsome grandson. I am truly a blessed woman. I've been married to my one and only love for 40 years. My husband and I have our own Christian Counseling Ministry in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He's also a Youth Pastor. http://fly.to/OperationAngel .

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