Holidays Are Coming
By Jojo Jensen

Well, it’s that time of year again – time when everyone is supposed to be happy, excited, thankful. But how does one become all of this when you’re dealing with the loss of one or more precious babies? We face this time of the year with fear and trembling and wishing it would just go away! We get tired of dealing with the sadness, pain, loneliness.

Well, I for one have decided that I will choose to be different this year. Instead of dwelling on what I don’t have, I’m choosing to be thankful for what I have, especially in light of September 11th. I’m letting my family and friends know how much I love them and how special and important they are to me. I’m not letting a day go by that I don’t tell them, “I love you. I’m so glad you’re in my life!” I’m not saving anything for a “special Day!” Everyday that God gives us is special. I’m not living in fear. I’m trusting in that POWER that is greater than any germ warfare or bomb. I’m using my good china for everyday, wearing my most expensive perfume to work, giving my family gifts when it’s not even a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. I’m not going to live my life looking back and wondering, “What if.” There will always be things that I should have done and other things that I shouldn’t have done or said. I’m writing my life story every day. I hope to leave a legacy for my grandchildren that their grandmother lived everyday to the fullest, whether I feel like it or not. I want them to know that my faith is in Jesus Christ my Lord and that they can fully trust Him for everything.

I’m thankful for my wonderful husband of 40 years, for my two handsome sons, my beautiful daughters-in-love and my four wonderful grandchildren. I’m thankful for my Christian heritage. I’m thankful for my two sisters and three brothers. I’m thankful for the love given to me by my mom and dad.

I want to thank my precious Darrell and melody for making me the person I am today. There is no telling how selfish and self-centered I would have been, had they not left their footprints on my heart. To both of you, “Mom loves you more than you can imagine! Can’t wait to see you and I know it will be soon. Mommy is going to sponsor a candle-lighting ceremony on December 9th in your memory. I’m asking the moms and dads to bring a toy in memory of their child and we’re going to give these to children who won’t have much of a Christmas unless someone comes through for them. I’m so thankful for having known both of you for those short, but precious 16 weeks. Who could have known what an impact those weeks would make on my life? And just knowing what wonderful things you’re both experiencing in heaven makes my life worth living. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you both.”

To you, all my precious friends, I want to say thanks for enriching my life. You have left a part of yourself on me and I will never be the same. I have many questions about why things happen and why we don’t have our precious babies. But I’m so thankful to know the ONE who has all the answers, and while He may not give them to me now, someday I will understand.

On behalf of all our precious babies, I’d like to wish all of you a wonderful and thankful holiday season. May you live the rest of your life with no regrets. I love you all.


Author Biography
Jo Ann is the proud mother of two heavenly angels, Darrell & Melody, mother to two earthy angels, Stewart who is 37 and Phillip who is 28; grandmother to three of the most beautiful little granddaughters in the whole world and one handsome grandson. I am truly a blessed woman. I've been married to my one and only love for 40 years. My husband and I have our own Christian Counseling Ministry in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He's also a Youth Pastor. .

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