Get Your Name Off The Baby Products Mailing Lists

By Lisa Thun

One of the hardest things to deal with after the loss of your pregnancy or baby, is the junk mail you get congratulating you on your new family member. You may get diaper or formula samples, baby soaps or powders, coupons or other painful reminders. I got a vaccination reminder card on what would have been my son's first birthday. It said "We Haven't Forgotten!". I cried for days after I received it. Marketers don't know about your loss. Your name is on a huge list of expectant mothers or recent hospital deliveries. With special thanks to the Brief Encounters Newsletter, I can pass along a way stop about 75% of the baby related mail you receive. By sending a letter to both of the addresses below, you will get your name off these huge, impersonal mailing lists:

Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association
11 West 42nd Street, P.O. Box 3861
New York, NY 10063-3817

Direct Marketing Association, Mail Reference Service
6 East 43rd Street
New York, NY 10017


Author Biography
This contribution is offered from Lisa Thun of Dancing Moon Design. She is an artist who makes Grief Journals and Keepsake Boxes and offers a wonderful website at Dancing Moon Design. She began making these special items after she herself experienced two early miscarriages and the death of her newborn son. She finds it very healing to craft these journals and boxes in order to help other parents through the grief process. Lisa offers, "Though it may feel overwhelming at times, it is very important to express the grief as it comes after you lose your baby. Grief that is not expressed becomes distorted and destructive, and takes so much energy, energy that is better spent being kind to yourself."

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