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Beginnings: A Magazine for the Novice Writer -

Bonfire -

Cliche Finder -

Dakota House: community for artist & writers -

Etymology -

Freelance Writing @ Suite101 -

Grammar Slammer -

InkSpot: The Writer's Resource -

LitLine -

NewPages -

On the Net Resource Guide for Writers -

Poetry Power -

Poetry Resources-

Poets & Writers -

Refridge Poetry -

Resources for Writers @ Suite101 -

Rhyming Dictionary -

Seattle Poetry Festival (Eleventh Hour Productions) -

Seattle Seattle Writergrrls -

Writer's Resources (run by Ellen DuBois) -

WriteExpress -


Allegra Wong -

Dirt Farmer Wisdom (founded by Jojo Jensen) -

Esther Altshul Helfgott -

Janet Best -

Larry Jaffe -
Larry also runs Poets4Peace at
and he's a coordinator for Dialogue Through Poetry at

Moonwort Review (edited by RC Rutherford)-

PWJ Publishing (founded by Patricia Wellingham-Jones)-

Poetictricity (founded by Rebecca Page)-

The Psychoanalytic Experience: Analysands Speak-
(founded by Esther Helfgott)

Robert Clay -

Great Path Publishing - (Great Path is run by KotaPress Anthology Author Victory Lee Schouten and her husband Rob.)


Chiron Press -

CJ Ink (now featuring -

Fishink Press -

Floating Bridge -

Great Path Publishing - (Great Path is run by KotaPress Anthology Author Victory Lee Schouten and her husband Rob. They offers distinctive visionary art as greeting cards, postcards, prints, journals, poetry books and CDs with a positive outlook and earth-friendly vision, hoping to contribute to the holistic unfolding of our human story. They use archival, natural, recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible and print in soy-based ink.)

WriteOnLine - (features ebooks by Charles Fishman, amazing poet, featured Poet Chat, and winner of KotaPress Anthology Contest Vol 1, No 2) (they carry KotaPress books via Special Order) -

Elliott Bay Book Company - (they carry KotaPress books via Special Order) -

Wits End -


A Little Poetry -

AziMuth -

Beachfire Gathering -

Conspire -

Counterbalance Poetry -

Crab Creek Review -

Creativity Through Crisis -

Dakota House Journal -

Defined Providence Press -

Dragonfly Review -

The Drunken Boat -

The Eclipse -

FZQ Poetry -

Gift of Poetry -

Moonwort Review-


Poetry Magazine -

Poetry.St Corner -

The Raven Chronicles -

Samsara -

theSoundofWhat? -

Spiral Journey -

Stirring: A Literary Collection -


Tower Of Babel -

Wired Art from Wired Hearts -

Words Words Words -
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