We'd like to thank everyone for contributing to this issue. We look forward to working with all of you in the future again soon. Be sure to submit your work for the next issue, too! See Journal Guidelines for details.

Mark Allen
A psychic, writer, and spiritual counselor with his practice based in Seattle, WA. Sessions available upon request.



Robert James Berry
He was born in Redhill, Surrey in the UK in 1960, and was educated in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. He lectures English Literature in the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). He has been writing poetry for over twenty years and has had work published in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Britain. He is married to Ahila and lives in Bangi, Selangor. Smoke, his first volume of poems, was published in March 2000 by UPM Press.



Janet Mae Best
She has been writing poetry for over 20 years. She is no exception from the perception that poets write about troubled times in their lives, having suffered from depression, chronic tiredness, and losing jobs. But all in all, the best way to describe her passion for poetry is hearing later on how a poem has inspired someone. Through her poetry, Janet likes to draw people out of their ordinary, hum drum box.



Miriam Callahan
Miriam lives in a horrible neighborhood in Maryland where love is expensive and life is cheap. She stays alive by writing poetry to release her sorrow and writing music to stay in touch with joy.



Susan Erickson
Susan grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes and is impressed daily with living on the edge of the sea in the looming presence of active volcanoes. Her work has appeared in Bellowing Ark, Switched-on Gutenberg, The Raven Chronicles, various anthologies and is forthcoming in The Lyric. She is working on a chapbook about The City of Subdued Excitement, Bellingham, Washington, where she lives. You can contact her at:



Aaron Espy
If you wish to contact Aaron, you can email us here at KotaPress, and we'll forward your message on to him.



Annie Finch
Annie Finch's books of poetry include Eve (Story Line, 1997) and the forthcoming epic poem Marie Moving. Eve is currently a finalist for the National Poetry Series. Her book on poetics, The Ghost of Meter, has just been reissued in paperback, and her anthology A Formal Feeling Comes: Poems in Form by Contemporary Women is in its fifth printing. She is coeditor of the forthcoming An Exaltation of Forms: Contemporary Poets Celebrate the Diversity of Their Art, and her poems have been published in The Kenyon Review, Agni Review, The Southwest Review, Field, The Paris Review, Thirteenth Moon, Partisan Review, and elsewhere. She is currently an Associate Professor at Miami University. Her website is at: www.muohio.edu/~finchar



Monique Nicole Fox "Foxxy"
I was born in DC but raised in Atlanta, GA. I am an Accountant in the US Federal Government. I am also a Poet. I have a BBA in Finance. My first love is poetry. My favorite food is soul food and caribbean food. My favorite music is reggae, soca, and calypso. My favorite color is red. I am a virgo. I am 31 years old (8/26/69). I am single with no kids. mnfoxx@aol.com



Lauri McGill Galentine
A journalist, Lauri McGill Galentine is the political and court reporter for the Record-Argus, in Greenville, PA. She has poetry published in Anthologies released by Quill Books and the National Library of Poetry, and currently has some work published on the Internet at www.poetry.com. She is the mother of four grown boys and lives in Stoneboro, PA.



Janna Grapperhaus
Janna is a doula by profession, but considers motherhood the most fulfilling part of her life.  She is the mother of six children: two daughters ages 4 & 2 that she holds in her arms at every opportunity, three miscarried "angels" that she will forever hold in her heart, and one precious babe now held in her womb.  Her poem "The Miscarriage" is dedicated to mothers everywhere who have experienced the often invisible agony and emptiness of miscarriage, and to her own miscarried "angels"... she will love always.
Send questions or comments to info@kotapress.com and we'll forward your message to her.




He has been singer, composer, and song writer since Hector was a pup.  You can often find him in various Seattle venues performing his music live with his poet wife. 
He also enjoys his day job of creating web sites. If you like what you see here, then you like his work.  He and his wife started KotaPress in memory of their son Dakota. hawk@kotapress.com



Jojo Jensen
She is a writer living in bliss with Murray.



Kara L.C. Jones
Friend to turtles, Speaker of the word "NO!", Tamer of ludicrous thoughts, Mother of a dead child, Goddess of Hawksville, Huntress available for Catwomyn's productions at a moment's notice, and Taker of absolutely no more bullshit.



A. R. Lamb
Lives in Cornwall, U.K. Writes as trancedly as possible, with practical help from various carbon compounds. Novel, Divers, now available from electronpress.com. Other fiction at Unlikely Stories, Gravity, In Posse Review, Rose & Thorn. Many little poems at ariga.com. Other zines (poetry) include Disquieting Muses, Swansong, Perimeter, Shadyvale, Big Bridge. Early experimental fictions published by John Calder and in anthologies and magazines; winner of a few piffling awards. Most recent paper publication In Many Ways Frogs, a joint poetic volume (with P. N. Newman, published by Abraxas). Ongoing project, an unusual synthesis of music and poetry: first recording, Bark of a Stray Dog, now out (music and voices by Lamb, words by Newman). Sculptor by trade. Send questions or comments to info@kotapress.com and we'll forward your message to A. R..



Alyssa A. Lappen
Ms. Lappen's poems have been published in International Poetry Review, Blueline, Touched by Adoption: Stories, Letters and Poems, (Green River Press, 1999), Ruah: A Journal of Spiritual Poetry, HEArt Quarterly, ForPoetry.com, Kudzu: A Digital Quarterly (www.etext.org/Zines/Kudzu), Switched-on Gutenberg (http://faculty.washington.edu/jnh/), New Works Review (www.new-works.org), Out of Line, Earth Beneath Sky Beyond (Outrider Press, 2000), Major Signs, Poetry & Story magazine (www.poetrystory.com) and she was recently a reader at the Phoenix series in New York. She won honorable mention 2000 New Millennium Writing competition, and has acceptances from The Sow's Ear Poetry Review, Poetry Motel and Neovictorian Cochlea. Ms. Lappen was a staff journalist for 25 years for such publications as The New Haven Register, Forbes, Working Woman, Corporate Finance and Institutional Investor. She currently writes for a major money management firm.

Her website is at: http://hometown.aol.com/alyssaalappen/myhomepage/index.html and she can be reached by email at: aalappen@aol.com



Joseph Lisowski
From 1986-1996, Joseph Lisowski was Professor of English at the University of the Virgin Islands. He is currently teaching at Mercyhurst College North East, along the shores of Lake Erie. Recent work can be seen in The Cortland Review, Poems Niederngasse, Stirring, Words on a Wire, Serpentine, Poet's Canvas, A Writer's Choice, Born Magazine, The Isle Review, Poetry Repair Shop, Thunder Sandwich, and 2River View. He is currently poetry editor for New Works Review:



Billy Little
billy little is the baka roshi of the Forbidden Plateau Fallen Body Dojo.  zonko@mindless.com
website: zap.to/zonko



Susan Mello
She sprouted up in the suburbs of New York City and got the-hell downtown as soon as possible. During her time in New York, she took up black & white photography, and gleefully burned negatives during her 8 years there. City burn-out brought her to the Pacific Northwest to be soothed by plantlife, mountains, and mild weather. Here, creativity bloomed again in the form of musical studies, jazz singing, piano & flute. Baking and gardening became passions. A recent trip to Kenya produced images, sounds, and stories which will be featured in her upcoming website. Comments, questions, requests for prints, mailing list membership to:



No one



Joan Prusky
Joan is Korean/Caucasian American high school Social Studies teacher in Windsor, CT and makes her home in Easthampton, MA.  She grew up in both West Bloomfield, MI and Seoul, Korea.  Her work has been published in BayReview.com, FZQpoetry.com, and Neverlandpoetry.com.



Luisa Reichardt
I am Head Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Services at Suffolk County Community College in Selden, NY. Prior to receiving that appointment, I was Managing Librarian at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH. In that position I created and administered a cultural series for students, faculty, staff, and the local community that provided an opportunity for artists to share their creative work. Poets, novelists, short story writers, and musicians participated. I have a M.S. in Library Science from Long Island University and a B.A. In art history from Barnard College. reichal@sunysuffolk.edu



Kimberly Sack
I was born in Seymour, Indiana a small farming community I'm married,and have four children. I have written poetry since I was young. I love to read,and write poetry. When I lost my third child I began to write more. I now have 20 other poems that are still being worked on. Send questions or comments to info@kotapress.com and we'll forward your message to Kimberly.



Todd Schneider
He's a 95% self-taught photographer, 12 years after receiving a 35mm camera for high school graduation. "I've primarily used photography as just another element in other artworks (illustrations, sculptures, graphics, fanzines) but, in recent years, I've been treating it as itself by studying the finer points of the image and experimenting with infrared and recording films. My current, never ending, photo study is collapsing, and consequently disappearing, homestead and farm buildings." He makes his base on the south shores of Bainbridge Island, Washington from where he creates, hikes, cycles, snowboards, travels, and searches out great music.



Nico Crowkiller Scherr
Steve and I have three grounded angels, Raven, Lakota and Veronica-Eve. Tears In Heaven Memorial Bus was started after we lost our son Nicomah to undetected Pyloric Syndrome. A place where families can carry on the memorie of thier angels. Our only requirement to place an Angel's name is your love for them. Just send thier name and memorial dates to us at stevescherr@mailcity.com We'll be honored to place it.



Kevin M. Simmonds
Kevin studied music and writing at Vanderbilt University, Mills College and Middle Tennessee State University. His writings have appeared or are forthcoming in Black Bear Review, Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, Folio: A Literary Journal, and the anthology Beyond the Frontier, among others. He teaches music and writes in Murfreesboro, TN. Send questions or comments to info@kotapress.com and we'll forward your message to Kevin.



R L Swihart
Though I am many, I'll be contented to spotlight only my quadruplicate-self which, like a nested Matryoshka doll, consists of me and the-family-within: RLS (I'm shy, so until we're more intimate the initials will do), Ania (the devoted wife), Katia (starts kindergarten in September), and Nadja (quite the fledgling at 1.5 yrs). I read heavily. Imbibe moderately. Work when I have to (teacher). Am hounded by all nine muses at once.



Doug Tanoury
Doug lives in the Detroit area with his wife and children.  He has been published widely in both print journals and at literary web sites across the Internet.  Several of his electronic chapbooks can be found at Funky Dog Publishhing www.funkydogpublishing.com



Katie McAllaster Weaver



Frances Carol Whitten
If you wish to contact Frances, you can email us here at KotaPress, and we'll forward your message on to her.







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