We'd like to thank everyone for contributing to this issue. We look forward to working with all of you in the future again soon. Be sure to submit your work for the next issue, too! See Journal Guidelines for details.

Esther Altshul Helfgott
Esther Altshul Helfgott's The Homeless One: A Poem in many Voices a chap-book-length conversation about homelessness and schizophrenia was published by KotaPress in Jan 2000. Other writing appearances include The American Psychoanalyst, Arizona Post, Baltimore Jewish Times, Chrysanthemum, Genesis 2, London Jewish Chronicle, Midway Review, New York Jewish Week, Off Our Backs, The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Review, She Speaks, Spindrift, Switched-on-Gutenberg and Writing Personal Poetry: Creating Poems from Your Experiences, (Sheila Bender, Writers Digest, 1998). She teaches at the Richard Hugo House Community Center for the Literary Arts in Seattle, Washington.



Charles Adés Fishman
He served as director of the SUNY Farmingdale Visiting Writers Program for 18 years and was the originator of the Paumanok Poetry Award. His books include Mortal Companions (1977), The Firewalkers (1996), Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust (1991), and The Death Mazurka (Texas Tech, 1989), which was listed by Choice as one of the outstanding books of the year. Fishman currently serves as poetry editor for Gaia (www.whistle.org) and Cistercian Studies Quarterly, and he is a poetry consultant for the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. His many awards include a New York State Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (1995), the Ann Stanford Poetry Prize of the Southern California Anthology (1996), and the Eve of St. Agnes Award from Negative Capability (1999).  fishman@SNYFARVA.CC.FARMINGDALE.EDU



Betsy Bell
Widowed after a long marriage, discovered the independence of living alone. Enter Chuck Finney, also widowed. Their friendship led to marriage, joining eight children and fourteen grandchildren. Betsy earned degrees in Spanish and can still speak it given a chance. She is an avid athlete skiing, hiking, swimming, biking and walking. And she runs a successful Wellness business coaching people to better health, both physically and financially with Shaklee products. (www.shaklee.com/link/betsybell_naturalsolutions)



Jane Candace Bullard
She is a master writer with over 20 years experience. Her current projects as publisher/editor are the literary chapbooks NIGHT WORK: A COLLECTION OF WRITINGS ABOUT WALTZ and NIGHT WORK 2: THE ROMANCE OF THE WALTZING DANCE.

Her day jobs include bakery assistant manager, housekeeper, and hospital clerk. She is a passionate tango dancer, hustle babe, and waltz queen.

NIGHT WORK may be viewed at www.scn.org/~candace.




James Cervantes
He has taught composition, literature and creative writing, since 1974, and his poetry has appeared in magazines and journals since 1969. He has published two books of poetry, The Year Is Approaching Snow and The Headlong Future, and was co-editor of Fever Dreams: Contemporary Arizona Poetry (University of Arizona Press). He is editor of the online journal The Salt River Review www.mc.maricopa.edu/users/cervantes/SRR/



Adam Clay
Is currently studying creative writing in the graduate program at the University of Southern Mississippi. His work has been published by Poetry Motel, Seedhouse Magazine, and several online journals.




Robert Clay
Shortly after my first book "My Heart's Memory" was published I was in a Barnes and Nobles preparing to give a reading of my poetry. As I walked around the room introducing myself a woman who was not familiar with my work asked me how I would best describe my poetry. I paused a moment and answered, "I strive to write about the split seconds in life most people overlook." From that moment on those have been the words I most often use to reveal the depth of my verse.

My background is not literary. I am not a professor or long heralded writer. I am simply a man who sees into those split seconds I speak of and suspend them in time long enough for others to review and contemplate. I have been blessed to have others enjoy and respond to my poetry and they tell me I touch special places in their hearts. These readers and listeners now await the release of my second book, "Within These Walls".

I want to thank Kota Press for the opportunity to share my poetry and be included with the other extremely talented poets. This is an honor I do not take lightly. In closing I want to invite all who enjoy my words to visit me at www.robertclay.com



Richard Fein
I'm a retired teacher who has been writing for many years. I've been published in many print and web journals. some of them are:

Birmingham Poetry Reviewl, Zuzu's Petals, Touchstone, Windsor Review, Maverick, Sulphur River Literary Review, Small Pond, Kansas Quarterly, Blue Unicorn, Oregon Easorn, Mississippi Review, Elf: Eclectic Literary Forum, Licking River Review, Musing, Comstock Review, Whiskey Island Review, South Dakota Review, Baltimore Review,Unlikely Stories, Porcupine, South Dakota Review, Magma, Paris/Atlantic, Asphodel, the Melic Review,Rose & Thorn, Cortland Review, and many others. bardofbyte@aol.com




Elizabeth Gray
Our featured KotaPress Poet Chat this quarter. gray_e@email.msn.com




Cesar Gutierrez
I use poetry as a means to better understand myself and my relationship to the world. I live in Chicago with a woman I love and two cats that manipulate me. cg_71@yahoo.com




He has been singer, composer, and song writer since Hector was a pup.  You can often find him in various Seattle venues performing his music live with his poet wife. 
He also enjoys his day job of creating web sites. If you like what you see here, then you like his work.  He and his wife started KotaPress in memory of their son Dakota. hawk@kotapress.com




Sheri Hess
She is mother to Dakota Rain, whose death has inspired her to take on the world. Having never written before, Sheri now writes poetry, draws, and paints murals. Knowing how important education is, she is currently going back to college, while homeschooling her daughter, Harley. In her spare time, Sheri cares for a handicapped child, David, and teaches art classes to children at her church. In Dakota's memory, Sheri organizes a community-wide bear collection each December that benefits kids at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The 'Beary Christmas' Project brings comfort to both Sheri and many sick children, while honoring Dakota's precious memory... Sheri72771@aol.com




William Benjamin Jenkins
At age sixteen he was a homicide victim. He wrote the poem, "And We Are All Idiots." You can see for yourself from reading his works that the world has lost an insightful and caring person.




Kara L.C. Jones
Writer, poet, editor, publisher, Dakota's mom, Hawk's wife, Nanna's & Jiddu's daughter, friend, sister, lover of life, mourner of death, and her own person.  ladyh@kotapress.com




Wenohna Joy
She is currently working towards her B.A. in Creative Writing. She has little published work, and hopes to write full time one day, writing novels or short stories. Poetry is her favorite to compose, for the simple reason of the compact concise nature of it, in that every single word counts.  




Clyde Kessler
He lives in Radford, Virginia with his wife Kendall, painter, and son Alan. Right now he is working on a series of poems called NEAR GOBLINTOWN which is a few miles away from where he grew up. He also is working on a butterfly field guide for the southern Appalachians. Back in the 1980's, he had three little books of poetry published: Shooting Creek, Dancing at Big Vein, and Preservations. 





Cathryn M. Lai
She was born in 1956 in New York. She received her B.S. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Montclair State College in 1978. She is currently running her own computer consulting and training business in Redmond, WA.. This is her first poem to be published.




Matt Meko (Mekosun)
"I'm an artist who represents my Living/Spirit process through self-reflective projects. Lately, I've been releasing old fears and habits and learning to trust and play again. I live in Seattle, Washington, with my Pookie Mark." Send questions or comments to info@kotapress.com and we'll forward your message to him.



Susan Mello
"I have been taking pictures for quite some time, but I really got passionate about it 8 years ago. I especially enjoy capturing people's natural relaxed selves in black & white portraiture, and capturing nature in all it's glorious displays."



P. L. Morningstar
She lives on San Juan Island, Washington and is Senior Editor for the Dragonfly Review, an online publication of Chiron Press www.chironpress.com. She is a world-traveler, artist, photographer, master gardener, and restorer of Victorian homes. Her personal essays, poetry, and children’s stories have appeared in several publications - most recently in The Eloquent Umbrella. She can be reached at:




Barbara Ann O'Leary
She has put down roots in a grove of trees by a lake in Brown County, Indiana.



Rebecca Page
She is currently 19 years old, residing in Sydney Australia. Some of her writings are published under the name Faethea Winters. Her dream has always been to have her poetry published. Poetry has become a part of her… Writer’s block being her ultimate enemy; only outdone by the depression she suffers. Without poetry she is a wilted flower, with it – She blossoms.




Barbara J. Richards
I am an amateur poet and live in a small community in Northern Ontario. I enjoy writing poetry especially when it gives other people enjoyment as well. I live beside Sand Lake, which serves as an inspirational place to write some of my poems, especially relating to the wonderful sunsets and views from my home.




Patricia Schlick
She lives in a victorian house in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, just outside Milwaukee. She is a minister, a wife, mother and grandmother. She write about a life lived from the depression of the nineteen thirties through the beginning of a new millenium.




Todd Schneider
He's a 95% self-taught photographer, 12 years after receiving a 35mm camera for high school graduation. "I've primarily used photography as just another element in other artworks (illustrations, sculptures, graphics, fanzines) but, in recent years, I've been treating it as itself by studying the finer points of the image and experimenting with infrared and recording films. My current, never ending, photo study is collapsing, and consequently disappearing, homestead and farm buildings." He makes his base on the south shores of Bainbridge Island, Washington from where he creates, hikes, cycles, snowboards, travels, and searches out great music.



Anna Sorenson
Anton's mommy.




Seana Sperling
She is the identical twin of Karen Carpenter, except she's shorter, has light hair and a completely different face.




David Sutherland
Work of mine has appeared in The American Literary Review, The Hollins Critic, The Northern Michigan Journal, The Reader (Oxford University), The Cortland Review and The Midwest Quarterly. Recent awards include a Pushcart Nomination, and I have a second collection scheduled to be published by Archer Books / Cadmus Editions this year. Finally, I serve as managing editor for a not-for-profit publication called "Recursive Angel".




Nancy Talley
Crone, Grandmother, poet and crabby old woman. Her new collection titled The Crone's Notebook: The Second Edition will be released by KotaPress in April 2000. Send questions or comments to info@kotapress.com and we'll forward your message to her.





Allegra Wong
She has a B.A. in English Literature from Wheaton College (Norton), and has done extensive graduate work in English and American Literature and Language at Harvard University. Her poetry and prose have been published in numerous journals including Modern Haiku, Turnstile, Black Bough, The Montserrat Review, New Works Review, Brevity, and (Harvard) Scriptorium. She is the creative writing moderator at SayStuff.com (http://www.saystuff.com), and teaches courses in autobiography, the literature of mourning, and erotica at Writers On The Net (http://www.writers.com). She has one son. .

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