Premiere Issue, Autumn Equinox
October-December 1999

Welcome to the archive of our very first issue of the KotaPress Poetry Journal.

Our Table of Contents serves as your navigation for paging through our Journal. To read any poem listed below, simply click on the title, and you will be taken to that page. At the bottom of each page below the text of each poem, you will find a button that says "Contents" with an arrow on either side. Click on "Contents" to return here. Or click one of the arrow buttons to page back and forth through the Journal.

1.  A Small Fire by Charles Fishman

2.  Words without Nature by JoJo Jensen
3.  WATCH DOG by JoJo Jensen
4.  I often mistake... by Carol Jo Horn
5.  Bark Moon Elephant photo by Susan Mello
6.  The God Of Hindsight Speaks From His Cave by Marjorie Power
7.  Urban Abstract photo by Susan Mello
8.  Daddy Kissed Your Hand by Charles Fishman
9.  Excerpt from Son In Tanka Train by Kara L.C. Jones
10.  A Poem by Dr. Michael Fuhrman
11.  DAN MANSFIELD by Carol Jo Horn
12.  Untitled by Joan O'Reilly
13.  Kara brought... by Carol Jo Horn
14.  THE LONG NIGHT OF THE BODY by Ruth Daigon
15.  Hawk song by Harry "Hawk" Jones
16.  A NICE DAY IN BELLTOWN by Seana Sperling
17.  Ask About It photo by Susan Mello
18.  TO HELL WITH THE REVOLUTION... by Ruth Daigon
19.  SARCOPHAGUS by Seana Sperling
20.  THRESHOLD by Ruth Daigon
21.  The Fine Art of Butch by Claudia Mauro

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