Dear Dakota
By Gwen Flowers
Dear Dakota, I wish I had known you.
Today's your birthday, and the day you died.
Your life, though much too short, has touched so many.
As many as the tears your mother's cried.

Her words reach out to me across the country.
A continent away, she holds my hand.
Her loving thoughts of you are read by many
Whose broken hearts can also understand.

You were a blazing star across the heavens.
A flash across the sky that burned so bright!
The glow you left behind still keeps on shining.
A brightness even in the darkest night.

You're loved and you're remembered, sweet Dakota.
Your life has made an impact on us all.
A truth that breaks our hearts and leaves us grieving
Even the brightest stars must sometimes fall.

I light a candle now for sweet Dakota.
And as flame touches wick, I say your name.
The world is darker, smaller, in your absence,
But still a better place, because you came.

Written for Dakota Jones'
2nd birth & death day
March 11, 2001

Originally published at ThemeStream. Click here to read more from Gwen Flowers.


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