Waking up in April
By Eileen Murphy

Bountiful, I scatter
fish food. Mama and Leroy
snap at the surface of the tank
in their orange and silver
outfits. That's fish,
says Mish, now where's
my dog treat? I offer
a bone-shaped chewy.
She devours it, leaving five
shards on the carpet.

That dream,
what was it? I weigh myself,
set coffee in the microwave. Re-set
clocks for daylight
savings: stove, VCR, alarm,
watch, bathroom clock.
Smarty-pants computer
already changed itself.

Peter, the lover fish,
lays low. My diet
is working. Rain last night,
Mish'll get all muddy. One hour
until aerobics class.
This time-change
is a killer.


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