My "Friend," Mr. Anxiety
By Mark Allen

He sits on my chest like an uninvited party guest that does not
realize that it is time for him to go, he should not have been here
in the first place.

He never leaves and is always sapping my strength.

He interferes with my ability to relax and get a good nights sleep.

He makes me jumpy and nervous.

His presence makes me talk too fast and not slow down and listen well to others.

He is a heavy burden that I have been dragging for my entire life.

He is not a friend who lifts me up and supports positive living.

He is rude and keeps me from focusing and being productive in my life.

He is a friend who thinks of nothing but himself and his need to have
my attention at all times.

Sometimes he is so loud that I spend my entire day in an unproductive fog.

He keeps me from trusting the good in my life.

“The sky is falling”, he tells me repeatedly.

He is extremely codependent and relies on me for his existence.

I hide his presence with humor.

He is one of those friends that you know is not good for you, but one
becomes accustomed to things and it is hard to let go.

It is time to break off my relationship with Mr. Anxiety for it has not been
a mutually beneficial relationship.

It will take time to let go, but I see clearly now how I will benefit
without him in my life.

I will seek to forge ahead without further frustrations from his company.


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