By Aidan Baker

snow thick heavy wet flakes flattening
themselves against
the windows
drip and crystallize in cold hard wet melting patterns
the wind cries a low moan groan swirling around the
apartment building

below outside below
the city has disappeared
nothing out there but the occasional orange or red white flicker of
streetlight carlight trafficlight mostly it is just snow
(not even white
orange a blanket of orange
a glow like melting popsicle like koolaid
watery orange juice the snow catching
the illumination of the city and filling the sky
with this colour this orange this light spilling
into our windows across the floor across
my fingers this page)

everything is inverted the city not sticking up into the
sky but downwards into a sticky orange ocean the water beading against
the windows and the waves swirling low moaning around the building like
wind and far far far

the faint hint of the sun a faint hint of the sun the coming of

and the end of the storm


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