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Anthology Contests for 2001 will run as follows:

Winners Announced
Book Release
Feb 14
Spring Equinox Issue 2001
Fall 2001
May 15
Summer Solstice Issue 2001
Spring 2002

Submit 15 to 25 pages of original poetry. You must be the author. These pages should contain the poetry you'd like to see published in the Anthology.

We only take email submissions. Send email to with your works cut & pasted into the body of your email. [Do not sent attachments as we will no longer read them due to virus concerns. Attachments will be deleted without being read and no response will be sent to you!!!!]

MUST put "Submission for Anthology" in the subject line of your email!

Please include a short author bio (25 to 75 words) in the body of your email. This bio will be used in the Anthology if you are chosen.

For each contest, 5 to 7 authors will be published (each one getting 15 to 25 pages of poetry) in the resulting Anthology issue. Winning authors will be notified via email and will be announced in the KotaPress Online Poetry Journal. Winning authors will receive 10 copies of the perfect-bound, Anthology issue in which they are published as payment at the Book Release date.

We will accept previously published poetry as long as the previous publisher is given proper credit. This means you must make it CLEAR to us who we need to credit for which poems. You are responsible for giving us this information. We would prefer that you don't submit simultaneous works since our turn around time is reasonable.

If your works are chosen for the resulting Anthology book, we ask for one time print rights for the print book as well as one time Internet rights plus Internet archive rights. We ask for the print right so that we can publish your works in paper and ink for the Anthology book. We ask for Internet rights so that we can publicize the winners on our website Journal featuring excerpts and reviews. We ask for Internet Archive rights because our Journal issues are archived indefinitely. All rights revert back to the author once the Anthology is released, and we would appreciate proper credit if you publish those works elsewhere in the future. At this time, we have no plans to do second runs of the books; so once the initial run is sold, it's out of print.

Your works will ultimately be "judged" by our in-house editor and an informal panel of poets. We are of the belief that if your work is right for us, it's right for us. If not, then not. We do not believe that hiring and promoting an "academic" poet, "professionally deconstructionist" poet, or "famous" poet to judge would make any difference to the quality of your work. So you will not find us bragging here about who might read your poems. We are working artists just like you who wish to open another venue for publishing hard working artists. Period.

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