November 2003
Contributing Editor: Kara L.C. Jones

Editor's Note: This column will be migrating to KotaPress LOSS Journal starting in December 2003!!! While it has previously be available thru our Poetry Journal, that publication is going on indefinite hiatus. Starting Dec 03, you will get new monthly articles for Poetry Therapy in our LOSS Journal. Starting with the column below, you will also now be getting a comprehensive Archive for viewing previous releases of this column.

A Comprehensive Archive

Call it a holiday gift!

I have heard from you in the past that it has been difficult to locate previous issues of this column. So I'm starting a comprehensive archive here. And starting in December 2003, you'll be getting new monthly articles (plus the archive) for this column thru the KotaPress LOSS Journal.

For this month, here's the archive:

Discovering Poetry Therapy

Pt I: Defining Poetry Therapy *and* Pt II: Coping with the Holidays

The Notion of "Healing"

National Poetry Awareness Month - 2003

At the MISS Conference: poetry and kids

So you want to be certified?

Let go, Let go

Outside, Inside

Can't you get over it?

Layers & Living - 9/11


Be Still

Reviewing "Poetic Medicine"

Day of the Dead

Letting Expression Come

Forgotten Familiar

Empty Chairs, Tiny Stockings


About the Author
Kara recently rediscovered the art of henna. Check out for more information about the intentional uses of body henna!! If you have questions or comments, send email to or to


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