KotaPress, September 2003

WOW! You poets and Vashon artists have been busy! :)

This month's issue is packed *again* with more that I ever imagine we'll end up with each month. New poem from Trevor Hewett who's back and getting more healthy with every passing day! Plus Patricia Wellingham-Jones is gracing our pages with several pieces that are excellent representations of the poetry craft - as usual, for her :) We have a few visits from Kota veterans and several pieces from newbies to our site. All very talented. So glad to have you all here!

Also a few news and announcement kinds of offerings. Latest and greatest from PoetsWest, some new links in the KP News column that takes you to the heart of the poetry festival info out on the Net, along with reviews of three collections, more Mrs. Duck musings in Behind The Scenes, and some ideas for Being Grateful in our Poetry Therapy column.

And do not do not do not forget our Vashon page!!!! We have soooo much news there, it isn't even funny :) Erin had her baby! Welcome Shanikai - we are all soooo thrilled that you arrived safe and sound! Plus Erin's new KotaPress book "A Naturalist's Journal" has arrived!!! Copies are in my livingroom as we speak :) and we'll see you all at the book release party on Sept 12th. Plus we have more news and art from Vashon -- including CHAPTER 4 from Tapestry of Time by Joan McCabe!!!!! You have to check out this introduction of the character Adam!!!!!!! Oh, this book is soooooooooo good, I cannot wait till next month's installment!!

Okay, check it out, be in touch, have a peaceful month. See you on the flip side!

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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