Depending On The Day
By Wendy L. Hammond

She wears her hair wind-blown
wild, with a positively-me
smile, and the "not sure who
I am" child within her eyes.
Do you recognize her?

She walks upright,
a confident woman,
with firm breasts and shapely
hips and oh, yes, .thighs.

Legs a mile long and strong,
her heels dancing
to that "I Am Woman" song.

She's a real go-getter,
when the odds get better
on roaring days. But, ohhh, baby,
she likes to laze about,
and maybe pout alone.

She's a red-hot classy
down to the bone, a bit
too brassy, even sassy
when you're coming on.

So if she's PMS'ing,
it's the best thing, if you
just stay away. She's a brazen
bitch and temptations angel,
and some days even that
gets tangled, but it's okay.

It's a woman's way to gloat
or wail, float or sail, or child's play.

She'll either kiss the mirror,
or miss the mirror,
depending on the day.


Wendy L. Hammond lives in Michigan and is a published poet. Her poems have
appeared in various journals, magazines, e-zines and anthologies.


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