by Frank Murri

If one is to embark upon the path
of altering opinions,
one must be prepared to walk
upon broken glass.

Even though the pull of social gravity
may press deeply upon each step,
one must walk,
and continue to walk
with the pressure of wisdom,
so as not to cut one's soul upon the glass.


Frank Murri was born in Newcastle, Australia in 1967. His first volume of poetry, "The Desire Again", has been published by the independent Australian publisher, Mockfrog Design Press, in 2002 []. It has been distributed in Australia, the UK and the USA. He has translated this volume into Italian, which has been
adapted into a stage play "Il Desiderio Ritorna" ("The Desire Returns"), and staged by the "Performing Arts Newcastle" Theatre Company, in Australia. He has also had poetry, short stories and essays published in anthologies, journals and newspapers, and has been placed in international and national literary competitions.


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