by Trevor Hewett

(Richard M. Nixon: 1913-1994)

From the shallows of infancy,
through the choppy water of adulthood,
there were stutterings, wrong turnings
and the currents of expediency
led to several silent pools
and dried-up creeks.

But - curving, turning, looping -
he changed direction, found a course,
became established
and fast-flowing,
gathered all that came his way,
cut channels through the land
until, in time, he reached
maturity, spread wide.

Then dammed, his flow dried up,
became a tainted trickle, and
was stagnant for a time until
he gathered, slow and deep, into
the estuary of age, where, powerless
to resist the rushing tides,
he burst, breathless,
into green oblivion.


Trevor Hewett is an Englishman who lives and writes in his native Cornwall. Published widely in the UK and internationally, he has a short collection of work - 'The Patchwork Woman' - available from Mockfrog Design Press, Australia -- AND a new collection 'Drift' available right here at KotaPress!!! Check it out in our eStore.

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