By Ruth Daigon

I am sitting in my room
watching the heavy hours
lifting up into the heavens.

The day is full of eyes, a desert of faces,
the corridor full of weeping images
and the moon.casts an icy blue light.

I explore abandoned rooms
and wait for the midnight mirror.
I tilt it downward until my image
spills over empty space. Then I tilt it back
and the glass slowly refills
and overflows.

Now morning opens like a door
inviting me in to examine the future
where I study the catechism of seed, fruit, core.

The flawless entrance of morning light reveals
a suddenness of trees
and all the old dreams
fading to whispers.

and before the nuclear dawn
I look up at the pale abundance,
the legendary space where hope remains
pure with wonder
fragrant with remembrance.

Ruth Daigon was founder and editor of POETS ON: for twenty years until it ceased publication. Her poems have been widely published in E mags, print mags, anthologies and collections…She was Poet-Of-The-Month on the University of Chile's Pares Cum Paribus (an E chapbook in English and Spanish). Her chapbooks appear in WEBDELSOL, THE ALSOP REVIEW, FORPOETRY, POETRYMAGAZINE, THREE CANDLE REVIEW, KOTAS'S POETRY ANTHOLOGY both in hard cover and on the WEB. some of her earlier poetry collections are "Between One Future And the Next (Papier-Mâché Press) 1995, "About A Year" (Small Poetry Press, Select Poetry Series)1996. Daigon's poetry awards include "The Ann Stanford Poetry Prize, 1997 (University of Southern California Anthology), 1997) and the Greensboro Poetry Award (Greensboro Arts Council, 2000) Her poetry collections continue with "The Moon Inside" (Gravity/Newton's Baby), 1999. She is part of Pudding House Publications Poetry Chapbook Series "Ruth Daigon's Greatest Hits 1970-2000. "Payday At The Triangle" (Small Poetry Press, Select Poets Series) based on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York City,1911 was published in 2001 and one of her many readings was performed in The Lower East Side tenement Museum in Manhattan, the area where the fire occurred. Her latest poetry book is "Handfuls of Time" (Small Poetry Press, Select Poets Series) 2002, Her poetry was published by the State department in their literary exchange with Thailand and their translation program has just issued the first book of Modern American poets in English and Thai in which she


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