Excerpt from Flash of Life
By Kara L.C. Jones

Huntress, Warrior Queen, heard the words
"Your baby has no heartbeat," and she
dropped her staff to the ground
smashing it into a million pieces
scattered over the lands...



About the Book
Flash Of Life from KotaPress, 2nd edition ISBN 1-929359-15-2, Library of Congress
Control Number: 2002092667, Price: $15.00

This book and its author were featured on KUOW and NPR's show The Human Condition hosted by Megan Sukys. During this half hour feature, Megan talked with Kara about the creation process that went into writing Flash Of Life and about the grief and healing process that has taken place since the 1999 publication of this book. Several of the poems are featured as well. And this show with Sukys won the National News Directors Award in 2002!

About the Author
For full information about Kara, please see www.kotapress.com/kara/karajones.htm



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