complied by Kara L.C. Jones

If you happen to be on Vashon and wish to be listed here, drop me an email with your site address. We'll get it listed as soon as we can.

Betty MacDonald
(yes, mrs. piggle-wiggle was from Vashon! :))

Blue Verve Communications
(energize your message & your people)

A Clear Reflection - Coaching for Life!
(Cynthia is a great coach!) -

Island Domestic Violence Outreach Services
(great support here)

Listening to you Soul
(most interesting work here!)

(genre publisher based on Vashon)

Rustic Elegance - keep it simple yet elegant

Shop Vashon - totally cool interface for free classifieds on-island!

Ticket (the little newsmag with a whole lotta soul!)

Vashon Allied Arts
(this blue heron is an amazing resource!)

Vashon Digital Alliance
(these digital folks meet for breakfast at the Stray Dog every Thursday for a good meal and some great discussions!)

(digital resource and gallery)

Vashon Youth & Family Services -

Voice of Vashon
(you can hear Hawk on the live broadcast tuesday morns from 8 a.m. to noon PST)