Vashon Feature: April 2003


This Just In: Peace Reports available every Tuesday on the VoV Morning Scramble Show with Hawk Jones. Kay Richardson will check in every week with new Peace News!

Editor's Note:

If you are an island artist we previously contacted for feature on this page, please be in touch with us again to set up your date and to get us your .jpg or other graphic materials. We are overwhelmed with production on our end, so if you are interested in this feature, please take the initiative and get back to us with all your materials! Thanks!

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Island Reverend is an Author!!

Our own Rev. Joan M. McCabe turns out to be an author of several books! We are excited to feature her on our April 29th WORDS show on VoV, and we wanted to let you know about her new website at -- check it out! She is doing life coaching, available for marriage services, and a million other facinating things! Read all about it!

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Kay Richardson, Peace Reporter!

We heard Kay speak and sing at the peace rally up near the Fasting Tents in town. She was, as always, eloquent and moving in everything she had to share that day. We are very excited that she is also providing "Peace Reports" every Tuesday on Hawk's VoV Morning Scramble show! These are a few of the events she shared this week:

The Political Action committee of Vashon Islanders for Peace meets Monday eves at 7pm. Call for other details: 567-4797.

Vigils at the 4-corners in town are Wed eve 5-6:30 and Sat am 11-1pm.

The fasting tent on the Stenaker property across from the Methodist church needs people to fast. Fasting runs on 24 hour cycles, 7am to 7am. There is a sign-up sheet at the platform, or contact Andy Royer.

Kay also sang on the Morning Scramble show, and I was so overwhelmed by her voice and her words that I asked her if we could share the lyrics to her song here at KotaPress. If you get the chance to hear her sing this, you will just be amazed. Really brings the point right home!

All are Precious
by Kay Richardson

[cease fire.]

5 million people are living in Baghdad.

The US declares no safe place in Baghdad.

Where will the children be?

Where will the children be safe?

When will the children be...when will the children be safe?

Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in our sight.

No more killin in the name of our children. (repeat)

Peace in the name of our children. (repeat)

5 million people were living in Baghdad.

Now some children have the other side.

Where each one is safe...on the other side.

~ ~ ~

Repeating myself, I know...

We told you last month about free classified for Vashon residents, and I just wanted to repeat the information about this one again this month. I'm having so much fun surfing there, and it would be cool to meet up with you there, too! - These guys have a way cool navigation and interface and even offer a FREE option for graphic additions to your classified post. Plus special offers for advertisers -- free lattes :) Check it out!!


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