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Barbara Crooker is one of our relatively recently discovered poets, and we cannot get enough of her! She's continues to do awesome work and to do the hard work that is the "business of our art" -- the publishing after the writing is done! Here are a few scoops on her latest releases. Check them out!!

Four new poems at Poetry Life & Times: (scroll down after the interview)

Three more poems at Poetry Magazine: (click on Crooker's name, under Current Poets)

We also received this FAB press release from Pudding House! Check it out:

Barbara Crooker:
Greatest Hits
now available
$8.95 + $2.25 s/h
archival chapbook, celebration gold 80# cover,
black endpaper, opening narrative by the poet.
Pudding House Publications

Barbara Crooker is the most recent of the inductees into this prestigeous national archive--POETS GREATEST HITStm--the project started by Pudding House Publications in 2000. Whether or not you own Barbara's other books and these poems, you just might want this collectible treasure from one of America's highly respected poets. These are her 12 signature works all under one cover and includes poems that appeared in Plains Poetry Journal, The Poetry Review, West Branch, Passages North, The Denver Review, Karamu, The Atlanta Review, New Millennium Writings, Four Quarters, Caprice, Karamu.

Barbara Crooker lives in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, and her work has appeared in anthologies and some of the finest literary journals. She has received three Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowships and 16 Pushcart nominations.

We don't review the book for you here, we just beg you to bless yourself this much. Easy to own with a check in the mail or VISA/MC w/exp date through mail, email, or phone order. Do yourself this favor to celebrate this wonderful writer.

Pudding House Publications
60 N. Main Street
Johnstown Ohio 43031
740-967-6060 for more about Pudding House

We recommend phone orders with VISA/MC
We are often open on Sundays as well as the rest of the week, but it's catch us if you can all week really!

Pudding House Publications is the "largest literary small press in America" that isn't vanity, subsidy, or co-publishing. You may see the entire list of available Greatest Hits by scrolling down the headlines on the mainpage of our website at



Thanks for the contribution!


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