Reviews by Kara L.C. Jones

We have so many books coming in for review, that I simply cannot keep up with them all. I hope to eventually do more in-depth, individual reviews for these titles, but I'm not promising. In the meantime, here is a quick overview of what we have received and what my general impressions of the books have been at first glance:


Handfuls of Time by Ruth Daigon
From Small Poetry Press, Select Poets Series
Phone 925-798-1411
ISBN 1-891298-17-X, $15.00
Another stunning collection from Ruth. She always writes with a keen honesty and an insight to human experiences that floors me. If you dug Ruth's work in our KotaPress Anthology series, then this is another 100 pages of poetry you won't want to miss. See our "Behind The Scenes" article this month (Jan 2003), too, for an interview with Ruth about this collection.


flying under the radar by KC Wilder
From Infinity Publishing,
ISBN 0-7414-0839-2, $13.95
KC is also the founder of Digital Surealizm which is a most interesting take on words and art in modern times. This collection is an extension of that work. The poetry and art shared in this collection is raw, real, and all over the map. If you have an appreciation for culture crit in the context of an individual's life span, then you'll totally get this and read with a facination of the process of discovery. Very interesting.


Time Travel Reports by Charles Fishman
From Timberline Press, 6281 Red Bud, Fulton, Missouri 65251
ISBN 0-944048-24-2, $8.00
Charles was one of the first poets to contribute work to KotaPress Poetry Journal and has long been one of our fav writers. This collection is another in a long series of great works. Everything is top of the line here: the poems, the layout, the paper, the cover design. The whole thing fits. You may recognize the title poem from our own 2001 KotaPress Poetry Anthology as well as several others. If you haven't read Fishman's work before now, do a search here on our site. Once you are taken in by his words, you'll simply not be able to pass up Time Travel Reports either! I am always facinated by writers who read the newspapers or the latest off the AP and create something with a cultural context, that reaches beyond the mere event. Carla Griswold does it amazingly well. Fishman does it equally as well in this collection. Check it out.


On the Dreaming Earth by Carrington MacDuffie
From Subaqueous Press,
ISBN 0-9724836-0-8, $9.95
How can I even do justice to this collection? If you know Carrington's work at all, you know that she has this magical power to just take you into her world perspective and change the fissures in your very life. This is an awesome collection, beautifully printed, stunning pic of Carrington included (smile), and poems like you've never read and will never forget. To quote her directly from one of the poems in this collection Breeze Avenue, "I can hear the buzz of eternity" in this amazing collection! Don't miss it.


Apple Blossoms at Eye Level by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
From Poet's Corner Press,
ISBN 0-9705931-9-8, $10.00
I'm just a huge fan of Patricia's works. She has an insight to the how loss affects our everyday lives -- an insight to how we live after the death of something precious. This collection is another one of those rare gifts she shares with us to look through her eyes at the world. It is not to say that we don't go on living after loss -- it is not to say that we don't appreciate the stunning apple blossoms at eye level -- *but* it is to say that we see the soul of our loved ones in that beauty. Patricia is just an amazing story teller, a giver of comfort, a talented poet. Check out this one!


Welcome, Babies by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
PWJ Publishing, Tehama, California
ISBN 0-939221-20-9
Hard for me to review this one. It was created for guests at a baby shower, and it has taken off as a hit seller. But for me, from the perspective of having given birth to a stillborn child, well, it is a collection that holds all that naivety and arrogance of baby showers that happen everyday all over the world. It just isn't a belief system I can buy into anymore. So it's hard for me to really say what this collection is like. Obviously, from the review posted one paragraph above this, I love Patricia's works and think she is tremendously talented. But I, as an individual, do too much work on a daily basis with mothers giving birth to death -- I just can't read this one with any kind of decent perspective. So, my advice: Get your own copy and decide for yourself.


Ordinary Life by Barbara Crooker
From ByLine Press,
ISBN 0-9659832-4-2
It is difficult for me to explain how much I appreciate this collection from Crooker. She knows what it means to raise children after the death of one of them. This collection is about watching her autistic son and other children grow and change and learn and be hurt by everyday life and challenges. It is about the simple joys of an "amethyst sea" and a winter's night. These poems read to me like Crooker just took out her heart, placed it on the table, and decided it was okay to examine and talk about it over tea. She's honest. She's real. She's amazing. The works here are crafted *and* accessible. The publication itself is beautifully created. Ordinary Life is anything but ordinary. Check it out!


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