Lemon Soda
By Alec Whittle

just down the middle of her
that is where I collapse
near a drop of lemon soda

spilled from a green jar
falling at that place on her
where christmas must go

she cleans her rubber tree
and holds my head
just down the middle of her

first i see a human body
narrated by Sir Thomas Cruise
wearing elbow length gloves

then the saints and i
splash about in a blind
spherical sort of way

she giggles at the telephone
and i awake just down her middle
near a carbonated angel



I have a little book of poetry published-entitled Breakfast on Earth- I am back and forth between Brooklyn and Seattle and I enjoy this journal tremendously. I have performed and recorded spoken word with various musicians in New York and Seattle, I have written a few short films that have screened at festivals around the country as well as one book entitled Along Still River. I am currently focusing on more traditional means of getting my poetry out there.


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