Vashon Feature: August 2002

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Jane Valencia: harpist, bookmaker, poet, general renaissance woman!

Yah!!!! We got Jane to let us feature her art, songs, and poetry here in the Vashon Feature this month --AND-- she let me quiz her for a Behind The Scenes interview which you can also read this month in our KotaPress Poetry Journal. Jane is so talented and so gracious and so generous! It's very exciting to be sharing her work and insights will all our Kota readers. Enjoy!!


"Calling Of The Cows" - One afternoon in the Sonoma County hills a bagpiper played, and I watched as cows responded to the music and came to listen! The scene inspired this poem/lyric, which was the first of mine I ever set to music. Listen for the "bagpipe", played on oboe (by me) and cello.

Click here to download the MP3 of "Calling of the Cows"

"Bodach Beag A Loinean" (The Little Old Man of the Pond) - This one is a fun nonsense song from Cape Breton Island in Canada and sung in Scots Gaelic.

Click here to download the MP3 of "Bodach Beag A Loinean"


Poetry & Lyrics

Recorded on the Forest CD

Calling of the Cows
Lyrics by Jane Valencia

The autumn gray is alive
As we follow the pipes to the fields
Mountains echo, fog shapes the moss
Cows gather, drawn by the sound

And they listen
Ears forward, eyes fierce, mud on their hooves
We're startled, as they push their noses against us,
Breath sweet on our hands.

We hear the dark voices in the sky
And the oaks weaving their long slow words.
A song long lost rises through us
We open our mouths -- singing.

Recorded on the RoseGarden CD

New Year's Day
Lyrics and Music by Jane Valencia

The water looks like the sky
blue into blue
Constellations leaping in the whitecaps

Fields on the headlands, ferns
bunches of yellow flowers
--I don't know what they are

Logs on the shore below
exhausted by the tide

You and I eating lunch, sandwich stuffed with time
this giant's bench we share
Stars flash, in and out of existence
time at the end of time
--my mind,
journey there with me, it's yours

"Moon Carol" isn't recorded yet, but appears in the ISLAND web book.

by Jane Valencia

Quiet night
blue snow
hidden moon twirls a skein of light

Snow falls
soft woollen coins
drifting between antler branches

A Christmas rose unfurls
from her clouded petticoats
she dyes petals within silent ponds

Wait here! This mystery
threads interlace paths
within a loom of trees

Branches shuttle
verses into cloth
stretching music across the sky

Moon! Your footfalls
on the new-woven snow
reveal patterns in this winter grove


Editor's note: To learn more about Jane, make sure you check out our Behind The Scenes interview with her in this month's KotaPress Poetry Journal!!!

And be sure to check out Jane's websites at:

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