The sun begins to set earlier
KotaPress, August 2002

Hey there, KotaPress Readers & Contributors!

Noticed last night that the sun set a good bit before 10 pm here on our little island. Realized that we are past those long days of summer and the sun will be going down a few minutes earlier each day now. Then there was a crazy wind that kicked up here and suddenly leaves were showering down like snow from the trees on our property. And it got me thinking about the crazy schedule and frenzied activities we've been doing here at KotaPress all summer long-- and got me wondering if our readers are feeling as harried?

As we worked on the layout for this issue, I noticed that some of that activity has worked to create this awesome issue of KotaPress. And this issue reads to me like a solace in the middle of that crazy wind, and I hope you find the same thing this month!

From Jane Valencia's belief in everyday magic to the review of Clair Killen's FAB book "Look, No Hands!" -- I think you'll find perspectives on living, reviewing, and creating life as you want it to be instead of waiting for life to happen to you. And we have so many poets this month who know all too well that each of us has TODAY to live and that we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. There are so many great pieces in this issue that I can't even begin to point out one or two. It really is an issue to be paged through in its entirety.

And my hope is that after you read, you'll find a perspective that re-affirms how we are each responsible for creating the life we want TODAY. If you are feeling harried or have had a crazy summer schedule and are not feeling satisfied from that, then change that TODAY. As we head into the shorter days of Indian Summer and Fall, find ways to create exactly what you want. And if that involves drawing boundaries or saying no to a few offers along the way, then go for it. Don't wait to be discovered or to "become" an artist or to someday live your dreams in your retirement! All we have is TODAY, so live it!

And I hope you'll find a soft, safe, quiet space here this month to discover your own ways of doing that. My heart to all of you as you live the life you create with each passing moment!

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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