Changed in one year
By Krista McInerney

One year ago today was when we learned of you
How our lives would change, we were certain that we knew
We planned, we learned, we anticipated too
We felt you move inside me as you quickly grew.

The day finally came and we were ready to go
On the way, we were nervous, but couldn’t have known
Then all the yelling began "We must get her!!"
Your heart was dropping, I heard you on the monitor.

Next thing I know, I’m waking and seeing your daddy
His tears streaming from the news of our lady Maddie.
An untimely goodbye was what we had in store
It was not meant to be and we could hold you no more.

Letting you go has been my most difficult task
The pain and emptiness will forever outlast
The journey of life and any promise of tomorrow.
I will live with this ache and carry this sorrow.

Wherever I go and what ever I may do,
I will always live my life as a tribute to you.
Such lessons you have taught me of my hidden inner strength.
I will always treasure each day of my life, whatever it’s length.

My thoughts of your absence are always so unnerving,
Knowing that as parents, we were ever so deserving.
My world now is altered, never to feel the same
But know in my heart I will again call your name.

When my turn is over here and near comes my end
I will be joyous knowing my living with you can begin.


This poem is dedicated to Krista's daughter Madison. Madison was born on her due date, March 13, 2002, and died 2 days later after complications during labor caused by blood clots in the placenta. Krista and her husband Brian in the Seattle area.


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