about an ugly girl
By Robin Merrill

tell me a story about an ugly girl

that never goes to the dance

she can't just scrub up and voila

tell me about a girl who lives with her parents

her whole life

she can make oodles of money

she can have lots of friends

she can play seraphic melodies

or be wise as pyramids

she can even change the world

but she can never be beautiful

just once I'd like to hear a story

about an ugly girl

told all her life it doesn't matter

but she's learning it does

or else there'd be stories about her


I was born in Farmington, Maine in 1977 and am a 1999 graduate of Maine Maritime Academy. I am a Third Mate in the Merchant Marine and I sail as a Pilot on the Great Lakes. My poems have recently appeared in Nerve Cowboy, Main Street Rag and The Cafe Review. My third chapbook, Staring at the Wall from Lockout Press is currently under its second printing and is available from the author. More information can be obtained by visiting my website at http://robinmerrill.tripod.com


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