Vashon Writers & Artists: A Call For Submissions
(See Vashon Island Resources below the Guidelines)
complied by Kara L.C. Jones

If you live on Vashon Island, Washington and are an artist of any kind, then send in your works! We simply wish to feature and highlight all the talent that this island hosts, so there is no specific theme. But this is a "family oriented" site, so we probably won't publish works that are explicitly violent or erotic.

  • Writers of any genre: Send your ideas, essays, articles, suggestions, poems, whatever, to us here at Kota-- please cut and paste into the body of an email-- no attachments will be opened nor acknowledged. Send works and your bio ALL IN ONE EMAIL PLEASE to with VASHON SUBMISSION in the subject line of your message.

  • Artists of any genre: Send an email with your bio and ideas of what you'd like to showcase here to with VASHON SUBMISSION in the subject line of your message. This is open to artists of any genre, but you have to be able to show your work in a digital format (obviously). We're glad to work with you to make that happen, so email with your submission idea today!

  • It can take anywhere from one day to two months to hear back from us. But we will get word to you.

  • Please, please, please send along a 25 to 75 word bio with your submission-- we'll be using this in publication. If you don't send it with your submission, then you won't get a bio listing.

We will ask for one-time, electronic rights and also the archive rights to publish your work in the Journal. ARCHIVE RIGHTS means the right to archive works in the context of the issue in which works first appeared and to offer that archived issue for as long as our site is up online. If you accept our offer to publish your works, then you accept that we are going to offer your works in our archive indefinitely. We will not remove works from the archive!

Once the issue is up online, all rights revert back to you so that you may go on and publish this work again in the future wherever you wish. We ask that you give KotaPress credit as a previous publisher, but that is a courtesy, not a requirement.


Betty MacDonald (yes, mrs. piggle-wiggle was from Vashon! :)) -

Blue Verve Communications (energize your message & your people) -

Books By The Way (an awesome independent bookseller and affiliate to kotapress!) -

Island Domestic Violence Outreach Services (great support here) -

Listening to you Soul (most interesting work here!) -

Paradox (genre publisher based on Vashon) -

Ticket (the little newsmag with a whole lotta soul!) -

Vashon Allied Arts (this blue heron is an amazing resource!) -

Vashoncam (your one stop, complete resource for Vashon) -

Vashon Digital Alliance (these digital folks meet for breakfast at the Stray Dog every Thursday for a good meal and some great discussions!) -

VashonStar (digital resource and gallery) -

Voice of Vashon (you can hear Hawk on the live broadcast tuesday morns from 8 a.m. to noon PST) -

If you happen to be on Vashon and wish to be listed here, drop me an email with your site address. We'll get it listed as soon as we can.