Is it really March again...and did you say it's 2002?

I can't stand the month of March at all since this is the anniversary month of when my son died. He should have been three years old this month. We'd have been teasing about the terrible twos turning into the thundering threes. But I'm living a completely different life than that one.

And a whole year has gone by, and it's 2002, and we've been doing this KotaPress thang for three years now! Can I just say that you all were amazing and dedicated enough to give us ONE MILLION hits to this website last month?! Not that I wouldn't trade knowing you all for having my son back. Okay, but clearly, no matter how I bargin with the Powers That Be, I can't have him back. So in the meantime, here we are with our Kota work. And I can't believe that all of you out there hit our little site one million times last month! Thank you for your readership and dedication.

This month we've got Shelley Calabrese, Poet, and Rebecca Strong, Painter, for our Vashon Feature. Shelley's work is stunning and beautiful. I'm particularly found of "Another Rachel" and you'll know exactly why when you read it. And Rebecca's painting Shafts Of Light is just moving. Also, we are pleased to have Trevor Hewett back as our monthly contributor. He's given us a FAB poem for this month of March. There is an award winning (in my humble opinion) poem from Leah Woog. Mind you, she's 11 years old, and I assure you that her poem kicked butt over some of the more stayed, jaded academic stuff I see coming through here. Watch out for this poet-- she's just getting started! And we have the good fortune to have new works from Larry Jaffe and John Fox, two of my favs. And many poets who are new to Kota like Cynthia Peterson, Hon Lim Wong, Hooman Shahkar and more. You've got to read them all!

Also want to point out that we've got new updates in our Featured Articles this month, too. Don't miss the wonderful interview with and be sure to check out the review of Nancy Watt's chapbook!

Have fun, happy spring, here's to another year of Kota work...

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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