By Roberta A. McQueen

She's remembering when
her dad carefully traced
around her slender foot
the pattern of
leather moccasins used
for playing indian princess

Tiny tot
dark glossy hair
shining in the sun
walking on tiptoe
so as not to get
those moccasins dirty

Picture Perfect
she's guarding her
most prized possession
stitched with blue lacing
a gift from her father
she proudly wore
now look so small

If only she could
stay in them forever


By Roberta A. McQueen

Ancient Greeks thought those who drank
from Castalia's famous fountain
high on Mount Parnassus
would be able to write poetry

Imagine, inspiration from a fountain
high on a mountain top
tasting liquid poems on the tongue
quenching poetic thirst completely

Think of drinking it in
without having to suffer for one's art-
If only they bottled the water


By Roberta A. McQueen

Watching the waves roll
in at high tide
the older couple clasps
hands while walking
silently along the shore.

In the parking lot nearby,
the younger couple
argues about who it was
that had scratched
their black BMW.


By Roberta A. McQueen

She's holding court again
at the senior citizen's club
dressed in the latest
fashion finery like
rich embroidered blouses
she comes complete
with a matching beret

She keeps her audience amused
telling stories of her life
yet her children never visit
no one really cares
her legs hurt
and she's so lonely

She puts on her makeup
and a big smile
she's not complaining, mind you
no, the Duchess has it all-
doesn't she?


Roberta A. McQueen is an English as a Second Language teacher who believes
poetry should be assessible to everyone. She is a published poet and has two


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