By John Haynes

Of the crime-I plead guilty. Mainly because promises from the likes of you are frankly, hard to swallow. Sometimes you just can’t be trusted. I’m not going to lie. I set out to destroy you face to face. I was going to confront you with every damning doubt I ever had. You were going to admit your incompetence once and for all. But when that moment came, all I could do was stand there stupidly in front of you. Suddenly I felt like Jacob when that angel touched him and made him fall down flat on his face in the desert. While spitting the sand out of my mouth, all I could say was- you win again.


John Haynes is a free-lance writer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. His work has previously been published in the In Posse Review on WebdelSol,, Nasty Magazine,and A Virtual Memorial Magazine. It is also forthcoming in the webzines Lights Out Media, The Avant Garde Times and in Drought: A Literary Journal. He is currently working on his first novel, An American Revolution, which is due out in the fall of 2002.


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