Sent by the Prophet
By Shane Martin

You lie nude upon the leafy rug
Awaiting for the artist
To sketch your virgin skin.

Alone, you tempt and tease;
As the leaves whisk a backdrop
For the canvass sheet.

I pluck you from where your fall was broken
You are mine sent from a prophet
And I bite through your lime-coat,
A tasty apple you are.


Shane Martin is an Irish poet who has been writing poetry for many years. His poems have featured in various poetry journals and magazines throughout Ireland and Britain. In December 2001 his first collection of poems was published by Back Lane Books, entitled 'The Dark Room'. The book has been very successful. He also has a fully interactive website at

Shane works as a part-time teacher in St. Macartan's College, Monaghan and studies psychology in University Of Ulster, Belfast. His second collection of poems is due in November 2002.


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