KotaPress, December 2002

So much happening this holiday month! Thrilled to have the continued helped of co-editor Samantha Mastridge and to feature her review of Rilke's famous book "Letters to a Young Poet" plus her picks for this month's featured poets. Many thanks, Samantha!

We've got an interview with Sandy Goodman, author of Love Never Dies, with many insights to her life and work. Vashon Feature gives us all the scoop about the VDay 2003 events that are already starting here on the island. Our Poetry Therapy column is all about getting through the holidays after the death of a loved one -- and learning how to support each other, regardless of what we might be feeling at this time of year. And there are so many great poets! Veterans and newbies -- check them all out!

We were also due to release our Anthology ebook this month, but we've got a bit of delay in production. Give me a few, and I'll get it released, promise :) It's comin'!

Beyond that, just do what you need to do for the best self-care possible for these holidays. They are all just days, so don't stress too much!

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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