Mom's Handbag
By Farida Mihoub

Mom's handbag always had
everything we needed inside.
It was heavy and looked
like a piece of paradise.
It contained the keys of the closet
where she put the sweets away.
Sometimes, while she was having a nap,
we would sneak in and take them,
silently open the closet and
worry that the noise of paper
would wake her up.
The bag also had tissues
to blow our noses on cold
winter mornings, when
she took us to school.
Some thread and a needle too,
to sew the button that
unexpectedly fell form our coats.
Mom's handbag had a small note book
inside and a pen too.
One day I opened it, on the first page
I saw the name of a man
she never mentioned.
The last page said
'To the one who gave me
reason and light.'
Years later, I still wonder
who he was.


Born and living in Paris, France. French mother tongue but English has always been a passion, since very, very young! Married, 3 children. Presently working as editorial assistant for European medical bulletin.


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