By Kara L.C. Jones

You say,
I must release my focus on death
must release the loss of my son
release the bad juju of dead energy.

I say,
YES, I shall re-lease, sign on for another year
of helping bereaved parents who are closed into silent pain
another year of remember & including my son on the family tree
another year of living a WHOLISTIC life that acknowledges both life & death.

You might want to get away from me and my bad juju.
I hear there is a restricted neighborhood up the street,
lots of leases available there, where they are all innocent,
all bathing in light of life and wiping their family trees clean,
never acknowledging, never learning anything from the death juju
of their ancestors -- you'll be free of death there till it's your turn.

And when you want your full family history back,
when you want guidance from your ancestors, don't come to me --
my neighborhood no longer rents to the clueless.

Kara L.C. Jones rents in an integrated part of the world where the birth of a healthy grandson includes the presence and celebration of a dead uncle's life & death. If you want to know more about Kara, please see:


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