Baby Gone
By Angie Westermann

Sometimes I think I never really knew you
It seems like a dream that you were ever here
You had to go so quickly.
Like a raindrop falling from the sky

I did not get to see your beautiful eyes
For they were shut
I did not get to hear your sweet voice
Or even to hear your cry.

My heart knew you.
My eyes memorized every inch of your little body
I remember holding your hand
Watching your fingers curl around mine

I remember caressing your toes
Those little piglets so precious to me
You had such big feet
Long skinny legs

My sweet baby how I miss you
How my sorrow consumes me
My arms ache with the memory of your body
Cuddled so close to mine

My precious son, you were wanted
I wanted you
Your father wanted you
We all did

I miss you Andrew Joseph


September 13, 2002
To my Andrew and Ally...


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