A Child's Lost Treasure
By Ariana Cherry

Shiny gold penny
Nineteen-thirty-one, year grandma was born
My life of memories in this once cent,
But my penny is priceless
That walk in the rain with the clouds hanging down
Grandma at my side
Everything useless compared to my special treasure
I found it with my grandma the day before she passed away
At the thought of that, a tear slides down my cheek
Like the rain walk me and grandma took
How I miss, How I wish this penny could bring her back
But I remember the sweet sincere memories of her
When I look down in my hand
She held the penny before she died
I said it would make her feel better, she had no pain
But it is mine, who sits crying in the rain
This penny is priceless,
It is this that reborns my grandma all over again
Like the rain on my cheek on a cloudy day.


Many thanks to you, Ariana, for making this contribution to our Journal!


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