Pigeons And The Corporate Takeover
by Michael Grover

I was sharing my blueberry muffin breakfast
with some pigeons on the side of the coffee shop.
I noticed that there was one smaller pigeon.
It looked scruffy and beaten up.
Whenever it began to eat,
the fat, well fed pigeon would chase it off.
So now I am starting to question
Is greed a learned behavior,
Or is it a natural instinct?

This changes everything. I've got a lot of catching up to do.
I need to buy some land so I can kick people off of it.
Maybe I'll corner the market on blueberry muffins.
If you want one, you'll have to come through me.
I'll set up sweatshop bakeries in third world countries
To exploit the cheap labor.
I'll buy some pet pigeons
And treat them like material possessions.
Maybe I'll buy out the world.
For now...
I'll just enjoy the muffin
one blueberry at a time.


Michael D. Grover lives in Philadelphia. He has been published many times, including The San Gabriel Poetry Quarterly.


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