By Ruth Daigon

….it was one long-
drawn, heart-piercing
cry, the mingling of
thousands of voices…
a cry that was perhaps the
most impressive ex-
pression of human grief
ever heard in the city.

New York Times
March 26, 1911

A suggestion of smoke hangs in the air
Fog shrouds the buildings
and thousands stand in streets
their open umbrellas an unbroken border of black

Uptown and downtown moves towards each other
in a solid gathering of labor
in the drenching rain, they
churn up the past

An empty hearse leads the mourning procession
down Fifth Avenue
No carriages
No marshalls
No police
Only a mass of men and women
carrying the banners of their trade
in a storm of silence

Excerpted from Payday at the Triangle. See our Behind The Scenes article this issue with Ruth!!! Payday at the Triangle by Ruth Daigon, ISBN:1-891298-10-0, Small Poetry Press, Select Poets Series.


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