By Samone Norsworthy

Question not my reason for shedding tears,

While the ground is freshly tilled still.

Tempt not my heart to feel less these: my fears,

For I alone must accept Devine will.

Question not why He has taken my child,

While her mother’s arms longing to caress.

This mother has not future reconcile,

Fate holds doom to a childless mother’s breast

Question not my womb now empty of life

While she lay asleep in loneliest death.

I have all rights to sink in deepest strife

And question this God whose will took her breath.

See now my reasons are significant,

Thus I remain always belligerent.



Faith is dedicated to the memory of my second daughter, Faith Terese, born August 27, 1992. To my angel whom I will forever adore and honor. Never a day passes without missing you through tears and priceless memories of your brief but cherished life.


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