Submissions for the monthly ONLINE Poetry Journal are open again.

  • Send 4 pieces only-- cut and paste into the body of an email-- no attachments will be opened nor acknowledged. Send your 4 pieces and your bio ALL IN ONE EMAIL PLEASE.
  • It may take TWO MONTHS before you get an answer from us, and your poems may not appear until 2002 issues-- so don't bug us a million times after you submit your works!
  • Please, please, please send along a 25 to 75 word bio with your submission-- we'll be using this on the Contributors Page. If you don't send it with your submission, then you won't get a bio listing.
  • Send submission to with ONLINE JOURNAL SUBMISSION in the subject line of your message.
  • At this time the only compensations we offer are "bragging rights." (ie, "I'm published by KotaPress, are you?")
  • Please note that we are an expressive arts organization, so we lean toward works about grief and healing. But we are open to works about any topic as long as the works are plain old, downright awesome. Please browse past issues before you send works. You'll find that we rarely publish rhyme kinds of poetry unless it is so good we forget that it rhymes or it is soooo on-topic that we can't pass it up.

If we have already accepted your work for the KotaPress Poetry Journal, please note the following:

We will ask for one-time, electronic rights and also the archive rights to publish your work in the Journal. ARCHIVE RIGHTS means the right to archive works in the context of the issue in which works first appeared and to offer that archived issue for as long as our site is up online. If you accept our offer to publish your works, then you accept that we are going to offer your works in our archive indefinitely. We will not remove works from the archive!

Once the issue is up online, all rights revert back to you so that you may go on and publish this work again in the future wherever you wish. We ask that you give KotaPress credit as a previous publisher, but that is a courtesy, not a requirement.

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